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Aircraft controls[edit | edit source]

Tank Controls[edit | edit source]

"E" - Start engine

"Cursor Keys" - Movement (the game automatically translates these simple direction commands to pushing pedals, switching friction clutches and changing gears).

"RAlt-C" - Close/open hatch (riding with open hatches is obviously more dangerous).

"LCtrl-C" - Switch to gunner and back to driver seat.

"RAlt-G" - Switch ammunition: Armour Piercing / High Explosive / Machine Gun.

"Ralt ;" "Ralt ." - Adjust gunsight verticaly (range)

"Ralt ," "Ralt /" - Adjust gunsight horizontaly vertical (only on T-34)

"Mouse Wheel" or "LShift - Mouse Wheel" - Zoom in or out

"T" - Set turret to stowed position / Take control over the turret